Planning Services

Successful regions understand all of their potential resources and link these together for the betterment of all residents, visitors, and businesses. Community planning encompasses strategies that link economic development, environment, land use and transportation, systematically working through opportunities and constraints to achieve solutions to our region’s most pressing issues.

The KTCOG is involved in community planning, providing planning assistance to Kerr-Tar counties, municipalities and citizens in the development of small area plans and other community design issues. This is accomplished by providing local assistance in comprehensive plans, providing training and workshops, and planning and hosting charrettes and workshops.

Town of Stem

Town of Butner

Rec Dept Kerr Tar

The COG Planning Department houses the Kerr-Tar Regional Planning Organization (RPO) and is responsible for providing transportation planning service assistance to the region.  Additionally, staff can assist with a myriad of land design and planning tasks, including:

Hazard Mitigation Plans – A comprehensive planning process of identifying hazards and vulnerabilities, and developing plans and  implementation strategies to reduce hazardous impacts

Corridor & Gateway Plans – A plan analysis examining a small area or corridor from a visual, usage, and trend needs assessment

Comprehensive Plans – Principal planning tool used by local governments to look at interrelationships between land uses, transportation, utilities, recreation, neighborhood revitalization, historic preservation, and other community elements.

Long Range Land Use Plans – Plans similar to comprehensive planning, with more focus on trend forecasting and needs assessments

Ordinance Drafting – Technical writing and preparation of a planning/zoning/subdivision or related ordinance document

Landscape Architecture & Streetscape Design – Visualization planning documents that address area aesthetics, architectural style, and design standards

Recreation, Open Space, & Park Planning – A functional plan that looks at how recreation departments function currently and in the future

Survey Coordination, Public Outreach, & Workshop Facilitation