NCDOT is soliciting review & comment on the proposed 2020 NCDOT Cooperative Process for Engaging Non-Metropolitan Local Officials in Statewide Transportation Planning (formerly known as the ‘rural consultation plan’).

As you may know, 23 CFR 450.210 requires NCDOT to establish a consultation process that provides opportunity for non-metropolitan local officials to participate in the development of the long-range transportation plans.  Per 23 CFR 450.210, the plan is updated every five years and includes a comment period for non-metropolitan local officials to review and solicit comments on the process.

The Rural Planning Organizations (RPO) are the core of the NCDOT process for engaging with non-metropolitan local officials.  We are soliciting comments on the attached plan.  Please provide comments back by via email to Tim Brock by December 22, 2020.  Note that this does not require formal RPO action.

To provide some context, the current engagement of non-metropolitan local officials plan was included within the 2016 Unified Public Engagement Plan (UPEP) in the section entitled Non‐Metropolitan Planning Comprehensive Transportation Planning (Section 3.3).  For this update, we are returning to having a standalone document that reflects the process by which NCDOT engages non-metropolitan local officials.


Comments should be submitted via email to Tim Brock ( no later than close of business on December 22, 2020.

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