State Transportation Improvement Plan for Division 5 was shared at the TAC/TCC meeting yesterday.  The full report can be viewed here.  More information is available by clicking on this link: :


Rural Regional Transportation Planning Organizations (RPOs)
RPOs were mandated under a state law passed in July 2000 and implemented in 2002, requiring the establishment of RPOs to work cooperatively with the state to plan rural regional transportation  and to advise the Department of Transportation on rural transportation policy (Senate Bill 1195, Article 17, General Statue 136-210 through 213). Over four million North Carolinians are served by the 19 RPOs.

Kerr-Tar RPO facilitates regional transportation planning and public engagement for the five-county area of Franklin, Granville, Person, Vance and Warren in Kerr-Tar region of north central North Carolina.

The KTRPO is comprised of two committees, the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) and the Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC).  The TAC consists of local elected officials and a NC Board of Transportation member.

The TAC establishes goals, priorities, and objectives of the RPO, reviews and recommends changes to comprehensive transportation plans, reviews and approves an annual plan of work, and reviews and prioritizes transportation improvement projects for submission to the NCDOT.

The TCC consists of staff members from local government members, agencies and NCDOT.  The TCC provides guidance and recommendations to the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC).

KTRPO Documents
KTRPO Memorandum of Understanding

KTRPO Bylaws

KTRPO New Member Handbook

NC Open Meetings Law

KTRPO Public Involvement Plan

KTRPO Socio-Econ-Demo Data
ACS Region K Profile

Executive Summary

SPOT Prioritization 3.0

NCDOT Final Scores Released- September 24, 2014

TCC Local Points Assignment Recommendation-8/13/14

KTRPO TCC Subcommittee Meeting Summary-8/6/14

KTRPO Draft Local Points Assignment

KTRPO Methodology

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