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Frequently Asked Questions
In case of a roadway emergency, such as a slide or wash out, who do I need to contact?
During an emergency in which roadways unexpectedly become unsafe, local law enforcement
should be notified immediately to take the appropriate public safety measures.  They will contact
NCDOT to dispatch necessary personnel.

How do I report damaged roads (including potholes) or debris (rocks, mud, trees, dead
animals) in roadways?
If there is damage or an obstruction in a public roadway that might pose a hazard to motorists, contact local law enforcement. If necessary, they will contact the appropriate NCDOT office. If the debris or damage does not pose a serious hazard, contact the local NCDOT county maintenance office to make a report.

During inclement weather, how can I find out when my road will be cleared?
NCDOT has established policies regarding the order in which roads are cleared. Our Snow Clearing Policy outlines the priority order for clearing snow and ice from roadways.

Who do I contact to request that a gravel road be scraped or new gravel applied?
For maintenance on state-maintained gravel roads, contact the local NCDOT county maintenance office.

How do I request a culvert be installed in a driveway, or report a blocked culvert or ditch?
Installing a culvert is a task that requires joint commitments and cooperation from the land owner and NCDOT. To initiate such a request or report culvert or ditch blockage, contact the local NCDOT county maintenance office.

Where do I report an obstructed view at an intersection?
Bring this matter to the attention of the local NCDOT county maintenance office.

How do I inquire about litter pick up along a road?
If you wish to report a litter problem, contact your local NCDOT county maintenance office. To learn more on how you can help keep North Carolina’s roadsides litter-free, visit our Roadside Environmental and Beautification Programs page.

If my roadside needs to be mowed or my property is damaged by a roadside mowing crew, who should I call?
Mowing contractors are supervised through NCDOT county maintenance office. If you have a request or problem regarding mowing, contact your counties office.

How can I get a road added to the state system?
There is a specific procedure to add roads to the state system, and approval must be granted before such additions can be made. If you would like to request that your road be added to the state system, contact the appropriate NCDOT district engineer’s office to discuss the process and file the proper paperwork.

When will a particular road be eligible for paving or resurfacing?
Road maintenance is based on planning and budget allocations for the area. If you would like to check the status of a planned project or suggest a road be considered in the future, contact your local NCDOT county maintenance office.