DRAFT Project Lists for SPOT P6.0 Submittal 

The KTRPO is now accepting public comments on the following DRAFT project lists. These projects have been selected for consideration for the P6.0 Scoring Process. Once the public comment period is over, the KTRPO TAC/TCC will approve the final projects for submittal to NCDOT. All projects to be scored must be submitted to NCDOT no later than April 30th, 2020.

P6 KTRPO Highway Projects For Public Comment                                                            P6 KTRPO Bicycle and Pedestrian Projects For Public Comment                                     P6 KTRPO Transit Projects For Public Comment                                                           P6 KTRPO Rail Projects For Public Comment                                                                   P6 KTRPO Aviation Projects For Public Comment                                                                                                                                                                                                        Please email questions and/or comments to Stephanie Harmon, RPO Coordinator,      by Wednesday, April 8th, at 5pm.



Regional Plans & Projects:
Butner Gateway Plan
North Carolina Lakes District Regional Plan
North Carolina 2040 Statewide Transportation Plan
Kerr-Tar Regional Airports
Town of Stem Pedestrian Plan
Town of Macon Pedestrian Plan
Imagine Bickett Boulevard
NC Lakes District Regional Bike Plan/Signage Appendix

Comprehensive Transportation Plans:
Person County CTP
Granville County CTP
Vance County CTP
Warren County CTP
Franklin County CTP
Comprehensive Transportation Plans l NCDOT Website