Planning & Transportation

The Kerr-Tar Regional Planning Department serves as a resource to our members by coordinating regional initiatives, providing grant writing/administration and technical assistance and convening regional trainings and information sessions. Additionally, our Planning Department provides technical support and guidance to transit partners and state and local agencies on long-term, large-scale planning and offers individual assistance for local plans across our five county region. 

Check out these awesome milestones we hit during the 2022-2023 fiscal year!

  • 23 communities across the Kerr-Tar Region were assisted with planning, zoning and/or technical assistance.
  • Our Safe Routes to School program distributed a total of 345 helmets to underserved children.
  • 6 project funding applications were submitted to NCDOT.
  • 12,592 NCDOT 5310 trips funded

Our Planning Department houses our Kerr-Tar Rural Planning Organization (KTRPO), along with the Safe Routes to School program and the Clean Fuel & Advanced Technology program.