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Broadband RFP Responses are below by County and Vendor:

Franklin County: NC Broadband   Open Broadband   Foresite   Riverstreet

Granville County: NC Broadband   Open Broadband  Foresite  Riverstreet

Vance County: NC Broadband   Open Broadband  Foresite  Riverstreet


September 12, 2018 – UPDATE Deadline Extended for RFP Submission


Q:  Due to the expected impact of Hurricane Florence, would the Kerr-Tar COG and the Counties considering extending the response deadline?


A:  Yes, the Kerr-Tar COG and the Counties have decided to extend the response deadline for the Franklin, Granville and Vance County Broadband Enhancement RFPs to October 18, 2018 at 5 PM. 

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August 28, 2018  Additional information is attached:

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Vance County Development map here

Franklin County Population Density map here





Links to submit RFP for Broadband Services:

Franklin County RFP

Granville County RFP

Vance County RFP

For the past several months, the Kerr Tar Council of Governments (COG) has led an effort focused on assessing the need for enhanced broadband service in Franklin, Granville and Vance Counties.  Through this effort, Franklin, Granville and Vance Counties have been engaged in a process to explore:

  • Availability of scalable broadband service in all areas of the county
  • Identification of service gaps in these counties. Service gap areas are places  where existing service offerings do not meet the needs the residents, businesses and anchor institutions in the immediate area.
  • Satisfaction levels of businesses and residents with current service.
  • Citizen and business opinion on whether county and municipal government should attempt to assist private sector broadband service providers in offering enhanced and scalable services in the county.

The findings have been informative, for example:

  • All counties have identified businesses that are unable to procure needed levels of broadband service, even in high density areas
  • There are significant, low population density areas of all three counties where residents report one or less options for terrestrial or fixed wireless broadband service
  • Almost 50% of businesses in Franklin and Granville County expressed      dissatisfaction with their current broadband service
  • Over 40% of residents in Franklin and 50% of residents in Granville are dissatisfied with their current broadband service
  • Over 85% of citizens and businesses in all counties want County and Municipal government to become involved in assisting private sector service providers offer better service
  • County Commissioners in all three counties feel improved broadband access is a key to access to education; access to healthcare and future economic vitality
  • As a result, Franklin, Granville and Vance Counties have each issued Requests for Proposal (RFP) to private sector broadband service providers outlining the desire to improve broadband service in their counties.  Kerr Tar COG is helping to coordinate this effort across the counties.
  • While each county has issued its own RFP, describing the details of its own situation.

There are, however:

  • Common timelines for responding to the RFPs
  • This common website where information regarding all three RFPs can be obtained:
  • Common thoughts on potential incentives and access to facilities the Counties are willing to offer to attract better service.  Incentives and access to county and municipal facilities are subject to limitations in State statutes.
  • Encouragement of RFP respondents to coordinate internal efforts and produce proposals to improve service in the three contiguous counties

The Timeline for the RFP responses are as follows:

August 7, 2018               Request for Proposals issued

August 16, 2018             Franklin, Vance and Granville RFP Overview Meeting –                                                  COG Office 2PM

August 22, 2018             Questions from Vendors due

August 27, 2018             Answers to vendor questions posted

October 4, 2018             RFP responses due.  Bids valid for a minimum of 180 days                                             from deadline date.


“The overwhelming opinion of residents and businesses in Franklin, Granville and Vance Counties is that access to improved broadband service in all areas of their counties is a top issue,” said Diane Cox, Executive Director of the Kerr Tar COG.  “Kerr Tar COG is proud to work with the County Commissioners in Franklin, Granville and Vance County in their effort to attract better broadband service.”

To submit questions on the RFP use the following e-mail:











Broadband is essential to life and economic development in Region K. Just as the State and Federal governments stress its importance. The Council of Governments believes this is important to our rural communities.

To test your current speed, please visit the following:

The Kerr-Tar COG is currently working with Mighty River, LLC  to improve Broadband coverage in our Region. See article entitled: Regional Broadband Study Underway in The Daily Dispatch [April 17, 2018]. We will be adding updates to this project on this page.

Additional information is available through the Broadband Infrastructure Office. Additional materials to review include: Connecting North Carolina: State Broadband Plan and the Office’s Technical Assistance Brochure. A new resource available is The Community Broadband Planning Playbook.

Individual County surveys are available through Survey Monkey below. The feedback provided by residents and businesses is encouraged, as your responses are essential to the success of this project. Thank you in advance for your participation.

Franklin County:  Franklin County Officials Hold Meet & Greet Event                                                            Franklin County Distributes Broadband Surveys (Residential Survey) (Business Survey)

Granville County: Granville County Conducts Internet Access Survey (Residential Survey) (Business Survey)

Person County:
Broadband Innovation: Person County from the NC Rural Center [May 29, 2018]
See article entitled: WiFi Service Kicks Off in Mt. Tirzah Area from The Courier Times [February 27, 2018]

Vance County: 
Vance County has partnered with Kerr-Tar COG to coordinate the implementation of a regional broadband plan. The purpose of the business broadband survey is to learn the current extent and need of internet/broadband service in the Henderson-Vance County business community. Also, the survey responses will help in determining opportunities for attracting faster internet/broadband service.

The business broadband survey only consists of 15 questions, and can be completed in less than four minutes. Results of the survey will be confidential.

Residential surveys completed previously. (Business Survey)

Warren County:
Working with RiverStreet Networks to improve Broadband Services in the county.