Regional Food Council Application

Kerr-Tar Regional Food Council Application

Within the five county Kerr-Tar region, we have the ability to feed our population healthy food from our own local farms, thereby helping to address many of our region's pressing economic, food security, and health needs. In 2019, the Kerr-Tar Regional Food Policy was enacted with the intention to provide a strategy for growing a sustainable regional food system, encompassing sustainable food production, processing, distribution, marketing, consumption, and waste management. A key milestone outlined in the food policy is the establishment of a Kerr-Tar Regional Food Council with the purpose of guiding its implementation in the community. We are looking for transformative leaders who are interested in addressing the shared regional challenges and opportunities in our food system. CANDIDATE CRITERIA: -Committed to improving the Kerr-Tar regional food system -Live or work in the Kerr-Tar region (Franklin, Granville, Person, Vance, or Warren counties) -Represent 1) a food system sector (examples: production, processing, distribution, consumption, waste management, and food assistance); 2) a relevant partner organization or agency (examples: partner organizations and agencies including government agencies, non-profit organizations, health, or educational organizations); or 3) the demographic diversity of the region.

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