Ombudsman Program

The Kerr-Tar Regional Long-Term Care Ombudsman coordinates activities that:

• Advocate for residents of long-term care facilities
• Investigate and resolve complaints made by residents of care facilities
• Train and assist community advisory committee members as advocates
• Promote community involvement in long-term care
• Promote awareness of elder abuse and neglect

Who may need an Ombudsman:

• Residents of nursing homes, adult care homes and family care homes
• Family and friends of residents in long-term care facilities
• Long-term care facility staff
• Government agencies and community groups
• Anyone seeking information and education related to long-term care or placement issues.

What to do before calling the Ombudsman:

Be prepared. Be organized and have your concerns written down to help you be more effective and ask the right questions.

• Keep your own records. Take notes or keep a journal. Remember to record dates, times, and people you spoke with regarding your concerns.
• Be pleasant. Being angry or rude never helps to solve the problem.
• Utilize the facility complaint or grievance procedure system. If possible, try and solve complaints through the facility first.

Contact your Regional Long-Term Care Ombudsman:

Kimberly Hawkins, MSW
(252) 436-2040

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