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NCWorks Career Centers

NCWorks Career Centers are user friendly facilities in our area that provide job seekers, training/education and employers access to career training and job placement services and also serve as a connection between businesses and qualified workers.

The NCWorks Career Center System was created as a way to combine the resources and services of several organizations under one roof. The result is a one-stop career center for individuals seeking employment and training as well as a resource for employers seeking qualified job candidates, training programs, displaced worker services and more.  Local, statewide and national resources give NCWorks Career Centers unparalleled reach in making the  right connection between employers and job seekers.

At your local NCWorks Career Center, workforce development professionals from diverse partner agencies work together under one roof to provide services including, but not limited to:

• Free computer and internet access

• Resume preparation

• Information on the job market

• Help with job searches

• Career guidance and assessment

• Information on training and education

• Access to training classes, workshops, and resources for training

• Unemployment insurance claims

• Veterans’ services, and more!

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NC Works Career Centers assist job seekers in every step of the job search process. We provide a number of services and referrals at no charge to help you find a job:

Through an NC Works Career Center office, get assistance in putting your job search plan together.

• View job listings through NCWorks Online.

• Attend workshops on resume writing, interviewing skills, networking, social media and online applications.

• Obtain your National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC), a portable credential that can be presented to employers to verify your skill levels in Math, Reading and Locating Information – the 3 areas most jobs require. Signed by the Governor, the CRC is a nationally recognized credential.

• Sign up for CareerReady 101, an online tutorial that provides training and practice exercises for the NCRC as well as fine tuning your workplace and behavioral skills.

• Use our computer resource room for Internet job search, completing online applications, writing cover letters and resumes and then e-mailing or faxing them to employers.

• Strengthen your computer skills with our interactive tutorials.

• Complete career assessments to learn what jobs might appeal to you.

• Learn what jobs are in demand by employers in Western North Carolina and the training opportunities available to prepare for those jobs.

• Find out the average pay rates for various jobs in the area.

If we don’t offer a service you need, we can usually refer you to an agency, business or organization that does. At NCWorks Career Centers, our customers come first!

We look forward to seeing you soon.


NCWorks Certified Career Pathways

Career Pathways have been used in education for years to describe how someone moves through education, training, and on to a career. The NCWorks Certified Career Pathways in the Kerr-Tar Region are designed to help job seekers understand what is necessary to build a career with our local industries.

Click below for NCWorks Certified Career Pathways Diagrams:
Advanced Manufacturing
Health & Life Science
Information Technology

To learn more about our regions NCWorks Certified Career Pathways or to discover your pathway visit the Triangle Regional Career Pathways site at