Broadband Project

Broadband is essential to life and economic development in Region K. Just as the State and Federal governments stress its importance. The Council of Governments believes this is important to our rural communities.

To test your current speed, please visit the following:

The Kerr-Tar COG is currently working with Mighty River, LLC  to improve Broadband coverage in our Region. See article entitled: Regional Broadband Study Underway in The Daily Dispatch [April 17, 2018]. We will be adding updates to this project on this page.

Additional information is available through the Broadband Infrastructure Office. Additional materials to review include: Connecting North Carolina: State Broadband Plan and the Office’s Technical Assistance Brochure. A new resource available is The Community Broadband Planning Playbook.

Individual County surveys are available through Survey Monkey below. The feedback provided by residents and businesses is encouraged, as your responses are essential to the success of this project. Thank you in advance for your participation.

Franklin County:  Franklin County Officials Hold Meet & Greet Event                                                            Franklin County Distributes Broadband Surveys

Granville County: Granville County Conducts Internet Access Survey

Person County:

Vance County: 

Vance County has partnered with Kerr-Tar COG to coordinate the implementation of a regional broadband plan. The purpose of the business broadband survey is to learn the current extent and need of internet/broadband service in the Henderson-Vance County business community. Also, the survey responses will help in determining opportunities for attracting faster internet/broadband service.

The business broadband survey only consists of 15 questions, and can be completed in less than four minutes. Results of the survey will be confidential.

Warren County:

  • Working with RiverStreet Networks to improve Broadband Services in the county.