Kerr-Tar RPO P7.0 Local Input Methodology

The Kerr-Tar Rural Planning Organization (KTRPO) has released its P7.0 Local Input Methodology. The Strategic Transportation Investments (STI) law (GS 136-189.10 and .11), enacted in 2013, directs NCDOT to select and fund major capital improvement projects using a data-driven prioritization process in combination with local input.  All MPOs, RPOs, and Divisions in N.C are required to develop and implement a local input point methodology that maintains criteria transparency, material availability, and process documentation while maximizing opportunity for public review and input.

Notice is hereby given that the proposed P7.0 Input Methodology for the Kerr-Tar RPO has been presented to the Transportation Advisory Committee and is available for public comment until March 25, 2024. You can access the P7.0 Input Methodology HERE. If you have any questions, please give our office a call at (252) 436-2040.