Prioritization 4.0 News

New!! The Kerr-Tar P4.0 Subcommittee met on September 9, 2016 to assign our 1300 points at the Divison level. Please click here to see the Kerr-Tar Division Projects Local Points Assignment. These Division Projects will be presented for approval at the upcoming October 13, 2016 TAC/TCC meeting. Please send comments on our Kerr-Tar Division Projects Local Points Assignment to Ann Stroobant, Regional Planner, or mail Ann at Kerr-Tar Regional Council of Governments, PO Box 709, Henderson, NC 27536. If you would like to discuss the projects with a Kerr-Tar P4.0 Subcommittee member from your county, please click here for contact information. Click here for Kerr-Tar projects listed by county which the P4.0 Subcommittee used as a basis for selecting projects for our 1300 Division points.