Request for Proposal/Planning Consultation & Analytics Analysis

Request for Proposal

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Planning Consultation & Analytics Analysis

The Western Piedmont Council of Governments and NC Association of Regional Councils of Government has issued an RFP to solicit proposals for planning consultation and analytics services to update the Association’s 2014 Report: North Carolina Regional and Statewide Strategies for Comprehensive Community and Economic Development.

The 2014 Report is available for review at

The proposed solution shall provide the Association with current research and data, as well as a strategic framework based on update research for 2017. It must meet the following objectives:

  • Generate updated current, useful, and analytical reporting for the 2017 Report;
  • Provide regional and statewide knowledge that can be used by policymakers in strategic planning for economic and community development;
  • Provide data and reporting materials in a professional format.
  • Provide research and analytics built around the strategies of the four broad goals adopted in the 2014 Report:
    1.Build on each Region’s Competitive Advantages and Leverage the Marketplace
    2.Establish and Maintain a Robust Regional Infrastructure
    3.Create Revitalized, Healthy and Vibrant Communities
    4.Develop Talented and Innovative People

View the full Request for Proposal here.